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Autumn walking stick fashions at Classic Canes

Autumn walking stick fashions at Classic Canes
There is nothing like a walking stick to complete an outfit and many a walking stick or folding cane is bought to accessorise a new dress or ensemble.  Equally, a new walking stick, perhaps in a fashionable print such as a leopardprint, floral or abstract design can update a favourite outfit and make it relevant to the new season.  A walking stick in a multi-coloured print can pull an outfit together by connecting the colours of separates into a cohesive whole, making a well-chosen walking stick a very valuable part of the wardrobe, visually as well as practically.

Stylish women treat their walking sticks as fashion accessories, sometimes amassing large collections to match many different outfits.  Walking sticks also make great talking points and can be a welcome boost to morale too, especially when they are admired by friends or strangers.  The arrival of autumn naturally makes us think of new additions to our wardrobes for the new season, and Classic Canes takes great care to stock a wide range of fashionable walking sticks to suit the new autumn looks.

Patterned walking sticks are a great starting point.  These are widely available, but it is worth seeking out the best ones: look carefully at the colours and the quality of the finish as well as the handle shape.  The most elegantly-shaped designs of walking stick handles are often the most comfortable too, a rare instance of the most fashionable design of something being the most pleasant to use.  Beware of sticks with clumpy handles; they may be cheaper to produce but they are often unwieldy to hold and uncomfortable to use for any length of time.

Floral patterned walking sticks are always popular, not least with the British, who have a long tradition of enjoying floral prints from the tradition of designers such as William Morris, Laura Ashley and Celia Birtwell.  For the autumn months, a floral cane with a background colour of black, red, brown, dark green or dark blue will bring an instant seasonal update to its user and match a variety of different outfits too.  Some of our floral prints are very traditional, others more contemporary, and it is always interesting to see how the same cane can look quite different when the individual user pairs it with their own flair and personal taste in fashion.

Some of our patterns have overtly autumnal designs such as falling leaves or pumpkins.  These can be great fun, whether for everyday wear or for a special autumn occasion such as Halloween or Thanksgiving.  Our skull print and skull-topped canes are another way to give a nod to the season through the choice of a walking stick.

Animal prints are another autumn staple.  The golden leopard and cheetah print canes work well with black- and brown-based clothes whilst the snow leopards are fabulous with monochrome outfits as well as bright reds and other vivid shades.  It is also fun to match them to other animal print accessories for a dramatic look which works well for day or evening.

For the many animal lovers who need to use a cane, we have produced new designs featuring our furry and feathered friends: a great way to combine one's interests and fashion.  Models such as our dog and cat print canes, British songbirds and British owls allow sticks to be both chic and characterful.  Every autumn, equestrian motifs feature prominently in ladies' fashions.  When I painted the artwork for our folding cane of the native horses and ponies of Great Britain and Ireland, I specifically chose warm shades to complement the bay, chestnut and grey colours of the horses, resulting in a cane perfect for this time of the year.  Equally, our Whistlejacket print on walking sticks and folding canes is in tones that are right for the season.  These sticks are produced in association with the National Gallery in London and feature Stubbs' magnificent oil painting of the famous thoroughbred racehorse.

Not everyone wants a patterned or aluminium cane, so we offer plenty of wooden alternatives.  Wooden walking sticks suitable for the autumn include beech derby canes in rich shades of brown, cherry and green.  Some models are fitted with contemporary smooth acrylic handles, which we stock in glamorous shades of emerald, ruby and graphite among other elegant hues.

On a practical note, fitting a walking stick with a wrist loop in a complementary colour is often a good idea.  Almost all walking sticks are top-heavy by virtue of their shape and tend to fall to the ground when leant against a wall or table.  This damages their surface, making them look scruffy, and many stick users additionally find it hard to retrieve a fallen stick from the ground.  A wrist loop prevents this inconvenience and prevents a scuffed stick too.

Whether shopping for new autumn clothes or looking for an accessory to refresh existing wardrobe options, it is worth giving careful consideration to the purchase of a new walking stick.  At Classic Canes, we feel strongly that the right walking stick will always add to the user's appearance and never detract from it.  Giving consideration to finding the perfect autumn walking stick can bring a lot of enjoyment and style to the season ahead.

Please visit our Find A Stockist page to local online retailers of Classic Canes walking sticks or contact us to find a local retailer of our products.

Charlotte Gillan
Managing Director
Classic Canes
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