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Our recommended books for retailers and stockists of walking sticks

As specialists in both walking sticks and the art of selling them, our stockists often ask us for advice on the display, merchandising and promotion of this very special product group. We are always delighted to provide specific advice tailored to a particular business, but we also recommend the following books to all stockists of walking sticks:

'Cane Curiosa' by Catherine Dike (ISBN 2-85917-027-8)
A fascinating guide to unusual, antique and collectors' walking sticks, illustrated with many photographs.

'Fascinating Walking Sticks' by AE Boothroyd (ISBN 9501474 0 0)
A collector's guide, featuring an excellent chapter on the history of walking sticks and over 280 illustrations.

'Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping' by Paco Underhill
An entertaining read on the subject of merchandising, display and customer service; highly recommended to any retailer.

'What Women Want' by Paco Underhill
Another book by retail guru Paco Underhill, concentrating on the particular shopping requirements of women. Lots of food for thought, especially for retail businesses lacking in female management or shop floor staff.

'Minding the Store' by Stanley Marcus (ISBN 241-89200-7)
A memoir from the former CEO of the Neiman Marcus department stores in the US. Full of excellent observations gleaned from a lifetime in retail, and one of the best books on customer service ever written.
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