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Care of your walking stick

Care of your walking stickWalking sticks and seat sticks are generally robust items suitable for active use. However, a little care and maintenance will improve the appearance of your walking stick or seat and may extend its working life. Read on for some useful tips:

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How many production stages go into a beech derby cane?

How many production stages go into a beech derby cane?There are an astonishing 30 stages in the production of a typical Classic Canes beech derby cane, not including sales and marketing.  If you have ever looked at a simple wooden derby walking stick and wondered why it costs £30 at retail, please read on.  You will be amazed that it is not £130 when you appreciate all the work, investment and craftsmanship that has gone into its production.
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The Classic Canes guide to choosing a walking stick

The Classic Canes guide to choosing a walking stickFor the first-time walking stick user, or the friend or relative who wants to buy one for them, it often comes as a surprise to discover how many models of walking sticks are on the market. Until people need to buy a cane, either for themselves or as a present, they often do not really notice canes or cane users. However, once you start to learn about walking sticks and canes, you will suddenly see them everywhere. In the UK alone, there are estimated to be over four million cane users, not including those who use a cane purely as a dress accessory, use a trekking pole for hiking or take a rustic stick with them when they walk their dog.
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