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23 Aug 2019
We are delighted to launch a fabulous collection of new patterns of walking sticks for Autumn/Winter 2019.  Our new adjustable walking sticks and folding canes feature exclusive patterns including crazy cats, adorable forest friends, flamingoes, butterflies, skulls, bats and swallows.  Which one of these fashionable canes do you like best?!  These new designs of walking sticks will be in stock in September 2019.  Pre-orders are being taken by Classic Canes stockists now.

Visit us at the Autumn Fair

14 Aug 2019
Visit us at the Autumn Fair It's not long until the Autumn Fair at the NEC, Birmingham: the UK's most important trade fair for retailers to find their Christmas gift ideas.  Classic Canes will be on stand 9G100-F101 and we look forward to showing our stockists and other visitors our new product ranges for Autumn/Winter 2019.  We will have fashionable walking sticks and folding canes in a wealth of exclusive new patterns including crazy cats, forest friends (foxes, red squirrels and hedgehogs), flamingoes, butterflies, skulls, bats and swallows.  Retailers, please visit us there to see our exceptional range of walking sticks.  With a choice of over 700 models, there are canes and walking sticks for every clientele.  Please visit the Autumn Fair website for further details.

What products are retailers raving about?

12 Jun 2019
What products are retailers raving about? The answer, according to this month's issue of THIIS magazine (trade magazine for the healthcare industry) is Classic Canes walking sticks!  In a vividly illustrated feature, they quote leading mobility retailer Alastair Gibbs of TPG DisableAids as saying: "...for sheer range of style, it is difficult to beat Classic Canes.  They have stylish, functional and quality canes in the range and there should be something to suit all customers."  Thank you Alastair and THIIS magazine!

Brexit day???

29 Mar 2019
Brexit day??? Well, here's our Brexit day picture, but there's no Brexit.  Or is there?  We don't know what's going on any more than anyone else, but we do have a warehouse crammed full of 'Brexit buffer' stock.  Apparently Majestic Wine has stockpiled a million extra bottles of wine; perhaps that would have been a better idea!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

WARNING: FAKE spiral derbys on Amazon

26 Mar 2019
WARNING: FAKE spiral derbys on Amazon
Stockists and members of the public should be aware that an Indian company is selling sub-standard wooden sticks using the Amazon listing for our beech spiral derby ref 3533.

The retailer listed as 'Everyday Deal' (address given in India) by Amazon UK is not a genuine Classic Canes stockist and members of the public are advised not to buy from them.  You can see the reviews from people who have ordered through them and read their experiences.  The product they receive is not the same specification as ours, as you can see from this photograph.  The genuine Classic Canes product is on the left and the imposter is on the right.

Despite Amazon's official position on dealing with retailers selling fakes, they are living up to their reputation by not proving very helpful over this issue so far, perhaps because it is Amazon themselves who are handling the fulfilment for this item....

We are trying our best to resolve the problem but, as always, remember that if a deal looks to be too good to true, is almost certainly is.

WARNING: FAKE chrome knobsticks on Amazon

26 Mar 2019
WARNING: FAKE chrome knobsticks on Amazon Another fake Classic Canes product on Amazon: companies based in India are purporting to be selling our 4626 chrome knobstick.  However, if you buy one, our photograph here shows what you will receive.  Take care to always buy from a genuine Classic Canes stockist.  We are trying to resolve this issue with Amazon, who incidentally fulfill the orders for some of these companies.  As always, if the price seems to be good to be true...  It happens to all the best brands but that makes it no less infuriating, not least as these products then attract poor reviews, not surprisingly: the imposters are of truly awful quality.
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