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Selling Walking Sticks

Few of our customers are retailers solely of walking sticks.  Instead, many find that a programme of walking sticks from our range is an ideal accompaniment to their other products, whether these are healthcare products, country clothing or even gentlemen's mouchoirs.
The usual starting point for a shopkeeper who is new to sticks is to decide on the best means of display for them from our selection of merchandising stands.  We then work with you to create the perfect mix of walking sticks, seat sticks and umbrellas to suit the shop or business's particular clientele.  We create suggested orders for our customers on a daily basis and are experts in the art of exactly which sticks sell in a particular retail environment and location.  The customers' tastes, style and spending power are taken into consideration alongside the other types of products on sale in the shop, the area, the season and cultural factors.  Some stockists are very keen to create a particular look for their shop, which could mean very traditional wooden sticks or the most glamorous and avant garde designs in the Classic Canes range. 
Similarly, online retailers often have themes they want to develop and an image to create; we can help with both product selection and use of Classic Canes' unparalleled library of walking stick lifestyle photography.  Showing walking sticks being used in an elegant and stylish way to accessorise outfits for different occasions is very important for websites and social media.  We also provide detailed product descriptions for retailers to use as the basis for their online information.

Most retailers find that walking sticks are area of their business that can develop greatly over time; it is often surprising how much a retailer can sell once they have acquired the reputation as THE walking stick shop in an area. Walking sticks represent an exciting growing market thanks to the increasing elderly population in many countries. They also have great appeal as 'practical presents' that can be both used and admired. 

Classic Canes, Walking Stick Wholesaler for over 40 years

We were delighted to celebrate our fortieth anniversary in 2022: where do the years go!?  We may be a little greyer and wrinklier than we were in those early days in the 1980s but we have learned a tremendous amount about selling walking sticks along the way.  Over the years, we have tracked down the world's best workshops and producers to help us create the Classic Canes range and many of the world's finest walking stick retailers to help us sell them.  Perhaps most importantly, we have created a team of expert employees at Classic Canes who have helped our customers around the world for years and know all the ins and outs of the walking stick business.  All this hard-won expertise is available to our stockists at any time, whether they want assistance with product selection, the best freight quotation to their country (and our advice will be that it isn't always the cheapest one...), product photography or those extraordinary questions that members of the public sometimes ask!

Further reading: an excellent book for all retailers is 'Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping' by Paco Underhill (ISBN 0-684-84913-5)

Work with the leading British Walking Stick Distributor

Established in 1982, Classic Canes® specialises in supplying the retail trade with high quality, stylish walking sticks, canes, folding sticks, seat sticks and umbrellas.
If you are a retailer in the UK or elsewhere in the world and would like to stock our products, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements in greater detail.  We warmly welcome new enquiries and hope to supply you now and for many years to come.
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