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Selling Walking Sticks

Few of our customers are retailers solely of walking sticks. Instead, many find that a programme of walking sticks from our range is an ideal accompaniment to their other products.

Having specialised in walking sticks since 1982, we are always pleased to advise our customers on appropriate walking sticks and display methods for their particular business. Most find it is an area of their business that can develop greatly over time; it is often surprising how much a retailer can sell once they have acquired the reputation as the walking stick shop in an area. Walking sticks represent a growing market thanks to the increasing elderly population in many countries. They also have great appeal as 'practical presents'.

Classic Canes is known for the quality and expertise of the service and knowledge we make available to our stockists. We are always available to discuss your stock, display and other walking stick queries with you. A wealth of advice is also available on this website.

Further reading: an excellent book for all retailers is 'Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping' by Paco Underhill (ISBN 0-684-84913-5)
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