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Skull Formal Cane,
silver plated

(Code: 3810)
Skull Formal Cane, <br>silver plated
An extremely elegant and formal cane, suitable for light balance and support.  The skull is beautifully detailed, with suitably sinister eye and nasal sockets and a full set of teeth.  The angle at which the skull is set onto the cane means that it is also extremely comfortable to hold and use.  

The black hardwood shaft is fitted with a smart, chrome ferrule to complete the formal appearance. Ferrule diameter 13mm.

Not suitable for heavy or orthopaedic use.

Overall height 90cm (35.5").  

Item weight is 355g.

HALLMARK EXPLANATION: The Italian-made handle is hallmarked 'R925': the European hallmark for silver that has been applied in a layer over a moulded head.  The R stands for 'rivestito', Italian for 'covered'.  The '925' means that the metal used contains at least 925 parts pure silver to each 1000 parts.  European '925 silver' is the same quality of silver that in the UK is referred to as 'sterling silver'.

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