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Help-Me-Up Quad Cane,

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Help-Me-Up Quad Cane, <br>black
  • Help-Me-Up Quad Cane, <br>black
  • Help-Me-Up Quad Cane, <br>black
A marvellous orthopaedic cane for those who need extra support and balance when rising from their sofa or bed.  The 'Help-Me-Up' quad cane has two handles, one at the usual walking height, and one positioned in an S-bend 30cm (12") lower down.  The four feet, each fitted with a non-slip ferrule (internal diameter 13mm) mean that it can be self-supporting beside the bed or sofa.  

When the user wishes to rise, they should sit facing the quad cane, with the handles parallel to the body.  By grasping the lower handle in one hand and the upper handle in the other, the user can put weight first onto the lower handle and then the upper to help lift themselves into a standing position.  For a person who needs to exert a substantial degree of force on the cane to perform this action, the 'Help-me-Up' quad cane is a safer and more appropriate choice than a walking stick, which is not designed for this specific task.  

The 'Help-Me-Up' quad cane can be adjusted in overall height between 86-107cm (approximately 34-42").  The range of height covered by the lower handle is 57-85cm (approximately 22-33").  

Item weight is 1052g.

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