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July's suggestions in brief: folding canes for holidaymakers and travellers, seat sticks for outdoor events, anything pink always sells well in the height of summer, and finally, Ab Fab the movie launches today so anything reminiscent of Lacroix darling should be a hit!

Folding canes


Height-adjustable and convenient. Here's our pick for July:
4646E Fashion derby, moo (left)
4646F Fashion derby, purple brushstrokes
4800A Handbag size, navy floral with matching bag
4800B Handbag size, pink floral with matching bag
5003B Elite derby, cream floral
5003F Elite derby, black floral
5003H Elite derby, blue, white & green floral
4616F Petite, black floral

Seat sticks


Perfect for outdoor events, picnics and other occasions when a comfortable seat is welcome:
1501A Folding Flipstick, green (left)
2109 Observor seat, black
2108A Trio seat, green
2105 Quattro seat, small, medium or large
2112 Out & About seat, green, black or red
1000 Leather tripod seat
3710 Polo leather seat stick, adj, brown or black

Think Pink


3237D Pink beech derby
5103D Pink acrylic derby
4640 Pink Candy Cane adjustable
4099K Pink floral Chelsea cane
4097G Pink floral Tea Party derby (left)
4076L/R Pink anatomic folding cane, left/right
5003E Pink Elite folding derby
4616M Pink Petite folding cane



Perfect for an impromptu jaunt to the south of France, sweetie darling:
4641C Leopard print fashion derby
4646D Snakeskin Fashion folding derby
4651D Polkadot petite cane
4641J Tropicana Parrot Fashion derby (left)
4641L Tropical Fish Fashion derby
1716 Swarovski Elements crystal crook on black wood
1712 Swarovski Elements crystal all-over crook

Further help

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us for specific advice on what to stock in your business just now. We will be delighted to advise you and, if required, analyse your current stock and produce suggested orders for your approval.

Charlotte Gillan, Managing Director
1st July 2016

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