Classic Canes
What to Stock Now

This month's advice for Classic Canes stockists. Trade prices are not shown here, but are available to retailers upon request.

For most account holders, this will be the busiest month of the walking stick selling year. Christmas present purchases are obviously very important this month, but other reasons for a new stick include improved balance and support in bad weather, sticks bought as accessories for new autumn/winter outfits, and rustic sticks and seat sticks for country sports.

Xmas ladies


Height-adjustable, easily posted and practical, folding canes make perfect Christmas presents.
5003A Elite folding cane, autumn gold
5003C Elite folding cane, grey floral
5003D Elite folding cane, green and red paisley (left)
5003F Elite folding cane, black floral
5003K Elite folding cane, red grapes (left)
4616C Petite folding cane, black and pink floral
4616E Petite folding cane, green floral
4616F Petite folding cane, black floral
4616K Petite folding cane, purple floral

Xmas gents


4003 Folding derby, black with burgundy handle
4003W As above, with wallet
4601 Folding derby, brown
4601W As above, with wallet
4608 Black crook folding cane
3593B Chrome folding cane with wallet (left)
4081 Extra tall black folding derby
4618 Extra tall burr effect folding derby
4639 Folding trekking pole, moorland grey
4639B Folding trekking pole, black
4639C Folding trekking pole, red

Festive colours


Bright colours in the stick display attract attention and make popular Christmas presents:

4099E Chelsea extending cane, red floral (left)
4097H Tea Party extending derby, purple floral
3236E Ruby acylic extending derby
5103G Emerald acrylic beech derby
3237A Peach beech derby
4641A Red polka dot extending derby
4641H Red tartan extending derby
4641N Blue tartan extending derby
4641J Tropicana parrot extending derby

Shooting sticks


Retail prices from approximately £200 to £1700:
1710 Swarovski crystal crook on beech, brown
1716 Swarovski crystal crook on beech, black
1711 Brass crook with Swarovski crystal shaft (left)
1712 All-over Swarovski crystal cane
3901 Toulouse Lautrec replica silver mounted tippling cane
4022 Silver plated formal horse crook cane
4020/4021 Ladies/gents silver plated planished derby canes
4026 Decorative silver plated cap stick

country classics


Perennially popular rural accessories:
3557 Ash thumbstick, short
1407 Chestnut thumbstick
1200 Hazel knobstick (left)
4001 Black Labrador on long hazel
3580 Weighted fisherman's chestnut wading staff
2410 Weighted fisherman's staghorn wading staff
3711 Follower leather seat stick
3710BK Polo seat stick, black
758F Ascot adjustable leather shooting stick
967 Shotover adjustable leather seat stick with swivel.

bargain basement


We have some excellent offers on discontinued products at the moment. Log into our trade-only area, email Alyson or telephone +44 (0)1460 75686 for further details

1754 Italian leather goft derby cane (left)
4642D Glitterati derby, silver shamrocks
4650C Opulent derby, silver spirals
4650D Opulent derby, harlequin
4652C Petite folding cane, green four leaf clover
4710 Handbag size folding umbrella, brown/blue/cream check
4041A, 4041B Acrylic pistol grip cane, brown or burgundy
4101B Coffee brown acrylic derby
3551R Contour handle wooden orthopaedic cane

Further help

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us for specific advice on what to stock in your business just now. We will be delighted to advise you and, if required, analyse your current stock and produce suggested orders for your approval.

Charlotte Gillan
Managing Partner
1st November 2014

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