Classic Canes
What to Stock Now

This month's advice for Classic Canes stockists. Trade prices are not shown here, but are available to retailers upon request.

Here we go...from now until Christmas it will be full speed ahead for sales of walking sticks, seat sticks and umbrellas. Many retired people take their holidays now that the children have gone back to school, so be prepared if you are in a tourist area. For other stockists, the arrival of autumn/winter clothes in the shops means your walking sticks need to be in colours and patterns to reflect current trends. Many a walking stick is bought to accessorise a newly purchased outfit. See also Walking Stick Fashions - Autumn/Winter 2014. Country clothing stores should start thinking about their thumbsticks, beating sticks and shooting sticks as the country sports season approaches. Finally, everyone in an inclement climate should have a full stock of ladies', gents' and golf umbrellas in place.

Autumn/winter FASHIONS - ladies


Our top recommendations for ladies' fashionable canes the autumn:
4646A Leopard folding cane (above)
4099A Black floral Chelsea extending cane
4097A Black floral Tea Party extending cane
4651D NEW Black & white polkadot extending cane (left)
4097G Harvest Festival Tea Party extending cane
5003G Purple floral Elite folding cane
4616K Purple floral petite folding cane

Autumn fashions - gents


Men follow fashions are our top autumnal picks for gents:
3245 Burgundy spiral derby
3247 NEW Burgundy high gloss derby (left)
3243 Shadow spiral derby
5113C Olive green acrylic derby
5113D Copper acrylic derby
1729 Amber acrylic derby
4641N Blue tartan extending derby
3257 NEW Black velvet derby
5108 Black 'No 8' pool ball cane

Country classics


1200 Hazel knobstick
1400 Chestnut hiking/beating staff
1407 Chestnut thumbstick
3557 Ash thumbstick
1418 Blackthorn thumbstick
2403 Antler thumbstick
2404 Antler thumbstick with integral dog whistle
2802 NEW Hand carved duck stick (left)
3512 Children's hiking/beating staff
3561 Children's thumbstick

Shooting sticks


With suggested retail prices between £26 and £250, there is a seat stick for every budget.
3712 Eventer brown leather seat stick
3710BK Polo adjustable seat stick, black
3710BN Polo adjustable seat stick, brown
3713 Promenade seat stick with rubber ferrule
Made in England:
758F Ascot adjustable seat stick
965 Shotover adjustable seat stick
967 Shotover adjustable seat stick with swivel (left)
1000 Tripod leatherboard seat



4200A, B, C NEW Ladies crook umbrella, black, navy or green (left)
4701 Ladies crook umbrella, checked
4201 NEW Gents crook umbrella, black
1743 Gents acacia crook umbrella, black
4202A, B NEW Golf umbrella, black or navy
4715A Ash knobstick golf umbrella, country tartan
4715B Ash knobstick golf umbrella, racing green
1721 Umbrella cane: black umbrella concealed within a crook walking stick

New mini crooks and derbys


Cost-effective yet smart wooden canes, perfect for the smaller hand. Highly recommended new product for this autumn.

3248 NEW Mini derby, green (left)
3249 NEW Mini derby, burgundy
3250 NEW Mini derby, light scorched
3251 NEW Mini derby, dark scorched
3252 NEW Mini crutch, light scorched
3253 NEW Mini crutch, dark scorched

Further help

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us for specific advice on what to stock in your business just now. We will be delighted to advise you and, if required, analyse your current stock and produce suggested orders for your approval.

Charlotte Gillan
Managing Partner
1st September 2014

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