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October is here and with it the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Many retired people take their holidays now, autumn clothes are purchased and crispy country walks are taken, all of which present excellent walking stick selling opportunities. It is also the time for gathering blackberries and apples, so shepherd's crooks come into their own for hooking the fruits down from the hedgerow and branches. Check your ladies' sticks represent the season's classic and fashionable colours, that you have plenty of everyday wooden crooks and derbys, and that you have a good choice fo heights and weights in your long hiking staffs and thumbsticks for the walkers. We also have two new extra tall and strong walking sticks suitable for extra tall and heavy people. Finally, the British pheasant shooting season opens today, so between now and Christmas, sales of traditional and contemporary seat sticks are at their peak.

harvest festival


5003N Elite folding derby, Harvest Festival (left)
5003A Elite folding derby, Autumn Gold
4097J Tea Party derby, Harvest Festival
4097P Tea Party derby, Autumn Leaves
4683C Value extending derby, Green Autumn Leaves
4683D Value extending derby, Cream Autumn Leaves
4099J Chelsea cane, Autumn Gold
4616A Petite folding cane, Autumn Gold

Goliath and Hero


New from Classic Canes in October 2015, Goliath and Hero are designed for taller and heavier people.

1774 Goliath (left). 113cm. Maximum user weight 225kg/35.5 stone.

1775L & 1775R Hero. 100cm. Maximum user weight 150kg / 23.5 stone.

Shepherds' crooks


1421 Chestnut shepherd's crook with spiral (shown at top of page)
3128 Chestnut shepherd's crook
1764 Bark chestnut shepherd's crook (left)
1405 Ash shepherd's crook
2406 Ramshorn shepherd's crook

Everyday core stock


3120/3121 Chestnut crook, ladies/gents
3200/3201 Beech derby, ladies/gents (left)
3531 Melbourne derby, green
3555 Melbourne derby, burgundy
3250 Mini derby, light scorched
3251 Mini derby, dark scorched
3532/3533 Beech derby with spiral, ladies/gents
3204/3205 Milled beech derby, ladies/gents

Everyday walking sticks


Everyday never means dull at Classic Canes. These beautiful sticks will take you anywhere this autumn:
3596/3597 Ladies/gents chestnut crook with milled collar
1105 Hazel crook
3212/3213 Ladies/gents acacia crook (see left)
3555 Melbourne derby, burgundy
3238A Jewel beech derby, ruby
3238B Jewel beech derby, emerald
3238C Jewel beech derby, amethyst
3240/3241 Ladies/gents green beech derby with spiral

Seat sticks


3710BN Polo leather seat stick, adjustable
3711 Eventer leather seat stick (left)
3712 Follower leather seat stick
1500A Flipstick, green
1501A Folding Flipstick, green
2101A Walker seat stick, green
2110 Explorer supaseat, green
758F Ascot English leather seat stick
965 Shotover English leather seat stick
967 Shotover english leather seat stick with swivel

Further help

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us for specific advice on what to stock in your business just now. We will be delighted to advise you and, if required, analyse your current stock and produce suggested orders for your approval.

Charlotte Gillan, Managing Director
1st October 2015

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