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Current advice for Classic Canes stockists. Trade prices are not shown here, but are available to retailers upon request. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for other updates.

Everyone is on the move in August, so retailers need long sticks and trekking poles if they are in walking areas. For everyone else, everyday sticks, ladies' fashionable models and folding canes are the top priorities this month.

Folding canes


4003 Black folding derby
4601 Brown folding derby
5003 series Elite folding derby in floral patterns
4646 series Fashion folding derby in fashion patterns
4616 Petite folding cane in floral patterns
4618 Value folding derby in floral patterns (left)

Everyday crooks and derbys


3200 Ladies' chestnut crook
3201 Gents' chestnut crook
3200 Ladies' beech derby
3201 Gents' beech derby
3551 Melbourne derby, green (left)
3555 Melbourne derby, burgundy
3532 Ladies' beech derby with spiral
3533 Gents' beech derby with spiral

Long sticks


1400 Chestnut hiking staff
1779 Chestnut hiking staff, shooting motif (left)
1778 Black trekking pole with shock absorber
4639 series Folding trekking pole, various colours
3512 Children's 'Junior Hiker' hiking staff

Further help

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us for specific advice on what to stock in your business just now. We will be delighted to advise you and, if required, analyse your current stock and produce suggested orders for your approval.

Charlotte Gillan, Managing Director
1st July 2016

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