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This month's advice for Classic Canes stockists. Trade prices are not shown here, but are available to retailers upon request.

July is the month in which to HAVE FUN with walking sticks. Whether a stylish accessory for a summer wedding, or a faithful trekking pole for a walking holiday, the value of the right walking stick to its user cannot be overstated. Retailers should check their displays offer plenty of choice for customers: ladies' sticks, gentlemen's sticks, everyday sticks, smart ones for special occasions, seat sticks for summer sports events...and umbrellas for the rainy intervals.

Wedding accessories - for her


Monochrome accessories always look smart, but don't forget the bright pinks and pastel colours too:
4651D NEW Black & white polkadot extending cane
4652D NEW Black & white polkadot folding cane (left)
4641K Pink, white and blue marbled extending cane
4099K Pink floral Chlesea cane
4097G Pink floral Tea Party derby
4097E Peach floral Tea Party derby
4647B Folding acrylic Candy cane, blue
4647C Folding acrylic Candy cane, lavender

Wedding accessories - for him


1606 Swarovski Elements milord cane (LEFT)
3815 Swarovski Elements giant crystal cane
4626 Chrome cap stick
4624 Chrome crutch cane
3598 Height-adjustable chrome derby
3800 Silver plated swirl cap stick
3811 Silver plated pistol grip cane

Summer florals


4811D Pink roses handbag folding cane with wallet (left)
4800B Pink, white & purple floral handbag folding cane
4099B Cream floral Chelsea cane
4099C Light blue floral Chelsea cane
4630 Garden Party beech derby
4099E Red floral Chelsea cane
4097L Pastel petals Tea Party derby
4616I Cream and pink floral petite folding cane
4616J Bright pink floral petite folding cane

Walking holidays


Some walkers prefer traditional wooden hiking staffs, others favour aluminium poles...and if you are flying to hike abroad, a Classic Canes folding trekking pole is easy to pack and easy to use.

1400 Chestnut hiking staff
3569 Chestnut monopod camera staff
3557 Ash thumbstick
4641A (green) & 4641B (red) extending trekking poles. Best used as a pair, or buy one red and one green, for port and starboard.
4639 (moorland grey), 4639B (black, LEFT) & 4639C (red) folding trekking poles.

Orthopaedic AND pretty


Orthopaedic walking sticks need not look as if they were issued by the hospital:

4821A Floral quad cane (left)
4682L / 4682R Autumn gold floral cane, left and right
4076L / 4076R Pink & blue floral anatomic folding cane, left and right
4680L / 4680R Black floral folding cane, left and right
3601L / 3601R Amber-effect Fischer cane on beech shaft, left and right
1762L / 1762R Cream acrylic Relax grip cane, left and right

Seat Sticks


1500A, B Flipstick seats, green, black (left)
2108A, B, C Trio seat sticks, green, black or brown
2105L, M, S Quattro seat stick, large, small or medium
2112A, B, D Out & About folding chair, green, black or burgundy
3710BK, 3710BN Polo leather adjustable shooting stick, black or brown
3711 Follower leather shooting stick, brown
3712 Eventer leather shooting stick, brown

New umbrellas


This month, we are launching a new range of inexpensive, classic umbrellas:

4200A Crook umbrellla, black canopy
4200B Crook umbrella, navy canopy
4200C Crook umbrella, dark green canopy (left)
4201 Gents crook umbrella, black
4202A Golf umbrella, black
4202B Golf umbrella, navy

Further help

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us for specific advice on what to stock in your business just now. We will be delighted to advise you and, if required, analyse your current stock and produce suggested orders for your approval.

Charlotte Gillan
Managing Partner
1st July 2014

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