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This month's advice for Classic Canes stockists. Trade prices are not shown here, but are available to retailers upon request. Follow us on Facebook for other updates.

The spring colours are now out in force, and at this time of year we should remember the opening lines to the famous song from the 1957 movie Funny Face: "Banish the black, burn the blue, and bury the beige! From now on girls...THINK PINK!" Walking stick displays at this time of year need lots of charming colour: pinks, peaches, lavenders, sky blue: all the colours we associate with Easter eggs. The more different ones, the more eye-catching the display.

April showers mean this is an important month for umbrella sales: ladies', gents', folding and golf. It is also the start of the walking holiday season so shops near walking areas need a good selection of hiking staffs and trekking poles ready now. Finally, as the blackthorn is in flower just now, it is a good time to promote the beauty and strength of these very special walking sticks.

Spring shades


Top of page: left to right: 4099C Chelsea cane, blue floral; 4097G Tea Party derby, pink floral; 4087L Tea Party derby, pastel petals.
4097E Tea Party debry, peach floral (left)
4099K Chelsea cane, pink floral
4651E Petite fashion cane, pink paisley
4640A Acrylic Candy Cane, pink
4640D Acrylic Candy Cane, aqua
5003H Elite folding derby, white, lavender & blue floral
4616I Petite folding cane, cream & pink floral
4616M Petite folding cane, blush pink floral

coloured derbys


When refreshing your wooden stick display, make good use of our range of coloured beech derbys to add colour and vibrancy to the display:

3237A beech derby, peach
3237B beech derby, lavender
3237C beech derby, aqua
3237D beech derby, pink (left)
3238A beech derby, ruby
3238B beech derby, emerald
3238C beech derby, amethyst



How do we feel about the current 1970s fashion revival? Not so sure about the thought of flares again, but some of the colours and patterns are very charming. For those of you with fashion-forward walking stick customers, we suggest:

3606A Retro adjustable derby, chocolate & caramel
3606B Retro adjustable derby, gold & burgundy (left)
3606C Retro adjustable derby, black, silver & gold

hiking staffs


One of the simplest styles, hiking staffs can have changed little since Stone Age times. Perfectly practical for country walks:

1400 Chestnut hiking staff
3139 Chestnut hiking staff with tree carving
3124 Chestnut hiking staff with carved spiral (detail, left)
3562 Ash hiking staff, leather loop
3562B Ash hiking staff, red loop
3563 Hazel hiking staff, leather loop
3563B Hazel hiking staff, green loop



1228 Blackthorn hiking staff
1214 Blackthorn derby with sandalwood handle (left)
3518 Blackthorn knobstick
1419 Blackthorn crosshead
1211 Blackthorn pistolgrip
1418 Blackthorn thumbstick
4010 Black Labrador on long blackthorn
2405 Curly ramshorn on blackthorn
2405L Curly ramshorn on blackthorn, long

April showers


4710 Folding umbrella, blue/black/cream check
4200A Ladies crook umbrella, black
4200B Ladies crook umbrella, navy
4200C Ladies crook umbrella, dark green (left)
4201 Gents crook umbrella, black
4719 Gents whangee handle crook umbrella, black
4202A Golf umbrella, black
4202B Golf umbrella, navy
4716A Walking umbrella, checked
4716B Walking umbrella, black

Further help

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us for specific advice on what to stock in your business just now. We will be delighted to advise you and, if required, analyse your current stock and produce suggested orders for your approval.

Charlotte Gillan
Managing Partner
1st April 2015

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