Classic Canes
What to Stock Now

This month's advice for Classic Canes stockists. Trade prices are not shown here, but are available to retailers upon request.

It's time for Easter Bonnets, and matching walking sticks. Stock canes in pretty pastels for Eastertime: the fresh new colours are just the temptation we need after a long, grey winter. Ladies will also be planning their outfits for spring weddings now. Again, the paler shades will be popular. The trend with ladies' canes is very much towards extremely feminine walking sticks. No one need ruin their appearance with a stick that looks as if it came from the local hospital! Remember too that many older ladies have smaller hands. The petite size folding canes should be stocked in depth by all retailers of women's canes. They are easier to hold in a small hand, and the 'easy-joint' mechanism means they are easy to fold for those without a lot of strength in their hands.

April showers are a good reason to keep a stock of useful umbrellas for both ladies and gentlemen. Our classic umbrella styles are a worthwhile investment for those of us in inclement climates.

Novelty canes are always popular with collectors and to give as gifts. They also add character to a display of walking sticks and make it more memorable.

Finally, the outdoor event season is well underway. If your customers are off to point-to-points, country shows and open gardens, they may well appreciate a useful seat stick. Options range from traditional leather shooting sticks to lightweight contemporary seats: don't miss our special offer on green four-legged seats.

Easter Pastels


3237A NEW peach beech derby
3237B NEW lavender beech derby
3237C NEW aqua beech derby (left)
4097D Lavender floral Tea Party extending derby
4097E Peach floral Tea Party extending derby
4099K Pink floral Chelsea extending cane

Petite folding canes


Ideal for smaller hands; very easy to open, close and adjust. The latest new models are:

4616L NEW cream floral petite cane
4616M NEW blush pink floral petite cane (left)
4616N NEW pink and lilac floral petite cane
4616P NEW orange and purple floral petite cane
4652A NEW snow leopard petite cane
4652B NEW cheetah print petite cane
4652C NEW green lucky four leaf clover petite cane

pale and interesting


These are two new canes, introduced specifically as accessories for ladies to use at weddings and other occasions when an elegant, light coloured stick is required. We are often asked for sticks for brides: the champagne version would be perfect.

5104A NEW champagne acrylic derby on champagne beech wood shaft
5104B NEW silver acrylic derby on silver beech wood shaft



4713A Ladies black umbrella, bamboo handle
4701 Ladies checked umbrella, brown/cream/blue
4719 Gents black umbrella, bamboo handle (left)
1760 Chrome derby umbrella, black canopy
3715 Leather seat stick with integral green umbrella
4715A Golf umbrella, natural ash handle, green tartan canopy
4715B Golf umbrella, natural ash handle, racing green canopy
4716A Walking umbrella, derby handle, checked canopy
4716B Walking umbrella, derby handle, black canopy

seat sticks


4819A REDUCED PRICE Green four legged seat stick (left)
1500A Green Flipstick seat stick, adjustable
1500B Black Flipstick seat stick, adjustable
2111 Green folding Supaseat seat stick (supplied with both rubber ferrule and spiked ferrule)
3710BK Black Polo leather shooting stick, adjustable
3710BN brown Polo leather shooting stick, adjustable
997 Downtowner leather shooting stick



1763 Bicycle bell derby, perfect for attracting the attention of waiters, supermarket staff and people standing in one's way.
1212 REDUCED Golf tippling cane, traditionally used on Sunday walks.
1615 Brown stag cane
1617 Imitation ivory hare cane
3814 Pillbox cane with hinged lid
5108 NEW eight ball pool cane
5109 NEW imitation ivory skull cane
5110 NEW gold resin skull cane
3910 NEW plexiglass black tippling cane
3909 NEW silver plated black tippling cane

Further help

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us for specific advice on what to stock in your business just now. We will be delighted to advise you and, if required, analyse your current stock and produce suggested orders for your approval.

Charlotte Gillan
Managing Partner
1st April 2014

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