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September fires the starting gun on the new season's fashions and accessories. Many a walking stick is bought to accessorise a new sartorial purchase, so retailers should ensure their displays are full to bursting of tempting walking sticks and folding canes in autumnal colours and patterns. Autumn is also a wonderful time for walking, whether round the park with an everyday derby or crook, or hiking across a windswept moor with a wooden staff or a modern trekking pole. Care should also be taken to attend to pe-Christmas buying. Many people now spread their Christmas shopping over several months, so canes that are suitable as Christmas gifts should be coming into stock now. Finally, the animal print trend is very much still with us: get those leopards, tigers, cheetahs, snakes and cows to the forefront in the most fashionable spots in the shop.

new AW15


See header photograph above for our new autumn-winter 2015 canes, available from stock now. From left to right:
5003N Elite folding derby, Harvest Festival
4646K Fashion folding derby, Kaleidoscope (Concentric Circles)
4097N Tea Party adjustable derby, Dark Blue Floral
4097P Tea Party adjustable derby, Autumn Leaves (also shown left)
4646J Fashion folding derby, Dots & Daisies
All strongly recommended by the Managing Dierctor; we have high hopes for this quintet.

other autumnal best sellers


4097F Tea Party adjustable derby, Red Grapes
4097H Tea Party adjustable derby, Purple Floral
4097M Tea Party adjustable derby, Black Floral
4099E Chelsea cane, Red Floral
4099G Chelsea cane, Burgundy-Brown Floral
4099J Chelsea cane, Autumn Gold
4683C Value adjustable derby, Autumn Green
4683D Value adjustable derby, Autumn Cream (see left)
5003J Elite folding derby, Multi Floral
4646G Fashion folding derby, Opulent

animal print


Leopard is the classic animal print, but all these striking prints are flying off the shelves:

4646A Folding derby, Cheetah
4646D Folding derby, Snake
4646E Folding derby, Moo (see left)
4652A Petite folding cane, Snow Leopard
4652B Petite folding cane, Cheetah
5115 Acrylic beech derby with leopard handle
4641C Adjustable derby, Leopard
4641F Adjustable derby, Siberian Tiger
4641P Adjustable derby, Silver Snow Leopard

Hiking and trekking


1421 Chestnut shepherd's crook with spiral (see left)
1400 Chestnut hiking staff
3562 Ash hiking staff
3562B Ash hiking staff with red wrist cord
3563 Hazel hiking staff
3563B Hazel hiking staff with green wrist cord
3124 Chestnut hiking staff with spiral
3569 Chestnut hiking staff with monopod camera attachment
4614A Green adjustable trekking pole
4614B Red adjustable trekking pole
4638A Trekking pole with shock absorber

Everyday walking sticks


Everyday never means dull at Classic Canes. These beautiful sticks will take you anywhere this autumn:
3596/3597 Ladies/gents chestnut crook with milled collar
1105 Hazel crook
3212/3213 Ladies/gents acacia crook (see left)
3555 Melbourne derby, burgundy
3238A Jewel beech derby, ruby
3238B Jewel beech derby, emerald
3238C Jewel beech derby, amethyst
3240/3241 Ladies/gents green beech derby with spiral

Top Christmas gifts


3569 Monopod camera cane
2405 Curly ramshorn crook on blackthorn
4001 Black Labrador on long hazel
4639C Folding trekking pole, red
3517 Hen crook (see left - perfect for little shepherds in Nativity plays)
1709 Greyhound crook
3810 Silver plated skull cane
1705 Swarovski Elements crystal knobstick
5108 No 8 pool ball cane
1604T Beech wood tippling cane (secret glass phial inside)

Further help

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us for specific advice on what to stock in your business just now. We will be delighted to advise you and, if required, analyse your current stock and produce suggested orders for your approval.

Charlotte Gillan
Managing Director
1st September 2015

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