Classic Canes
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This part of our website provides information for retailers, whether established customers or those thinking about stocking Classic Canes for the first time. Please read through the pages listed on the left to learn more about selling Classic Canes walking sticks. Reasons to choose Classic Canes as your walking stick supplier include:

The Classic Canes name is synonymous with quality and style, whatever the price point. All products in our range are designed and selected with great care, reflecting our three decades as a family business specialising in walking sticks. We do not sell directly to the public; it is our company policy not to compete with our own stockists. Please see the comments some stockists, journalists and others have been kind enough to make on our Testimonials page.

Fine products
Our range of over 700 traditional and contemporary walking sticks, seat sticks and umbrellas is comprehensive, well-edited and offers both excellent quality and value for money. New products are launched every year to keep pace with current fashions and create new ones. Many of our rustic walking sticks are grown and manufactured at our woodlands in Somerset, England. Others are sourced from the finest specialist factories and craftspeople around the world.

Stockist support
The expert and enthusiastic advice of our sales department is on offer to all stockists. Our knowledge and experience enables us to personally help each stockist to develop their walking stick market, whether in their shops, their mail order catalogues or on their websites. As we are a family business, the owners of the company are also available to speak to stockists, whether on the telephone or at trade fairs.

Ease of ordering
Orders are accepted by telephone, email, fax, in person at our annual programme of trade fairs, and through our password-protected online ordering service (stockists, please contact us if you would like to receive a password). All orders are carefully considered; if we feel a customer has ordered unwisely, we will advise them accordingly, just as we recommend new products or best sellers. Payment is accepted in Sterling (GBP), US Dollars (USD) or Euros (EUR). Export customers are welcome; we have great experience in the logisitics and administration of despatching to over 40 countires around the world. All stockists are welcome to visit by appointment.

Business ethos

As a family business, Classic Canes is run with a long-term approach towards its customers. The partners of Classic Canes believe that every business transaction should be of benefit to both customer and supplier. We treat the factories and craftspeople who manufacture for us with great fairness and loyalty, and expect from them high standards of production and adherence to the principles of the Ethical Trade Initiative. Similarly, all our customers, regardless of their size or spending power, can rely upon efficiency, courtesy and fair prices from Classic Canes. In return, we hope that all our customers will abide by our trading terms and enter enthusiastically into the fascinating and profitable business of selling Classic Canes walking sticks.