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Trade Days fair report

Date Created: 8th October 2014

The Classic Canes show team has recently returned from the inaugural Trade Days fair for the healthcare and mobility industry, which was held at the NEC, Birmingham, UK.

Autumn Fair 2014 report

Date Created: 12th September 2014

The Classic Canes sales team has just returned from the Autumn Fair at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham, UK. Here is their report on this important autumn trade fair:

Autumn/winter 2014 women's walking stick fashions

Date Created: 15th August 2014

Autumn is nearly here, there is a nip in the air and new fashions in the shops. So it is time to consider the main trends for this autumn and order your ladies' walking sticks accordingly:

The making of the Classic Canes catalogue

Date Created: 15th August 2014

Classic Canes launched a new trade catalogue at the end of August. Managing Partner Charlotte Gillan provides an insight to its production:

King Ludwig Way | König Ludwig Weg

Date Created: 18th June 2014

In June 2014, our managing partner, Charlotte Gillan, walked the King Ludwig Way, or König Ludwig Weg, in Bavaria. Established in 1977, it is a 120km walk from Lake Starnberg, just south of Munich, through Southern Bavaria and the foothills of the Alps, to King Ludwig's fairytale castle, Neuschwanstein, and the old town of Füssen on the Austrian border.

Spring 2014 forestry at Classic Canes

Date Created: 16th May 2014

The 2013/14 walking stick harvest is over, so we are now processing the wood we have cut and preparing the woodland for the growing season ahead...

Valerie's 25th anniversary

Date Created: 12th March 2014

This is a special week because Valerie Manley has completed 25 years working in our despatch department

Spring Fair 2014 report

Date Created: 10th February 2014

February 2014 marked our 25th consecutive showing at the Spring Fair International. Our founder partner, Diana, has been to all 25 fairs, so was fully justified in enjoying champagne and reminiscences with some long-standing customers (click link below for photographs).

Lucy's adventure

Date Created: 27th November 2013

Lucy Partridge, daughter of our office manager Alyson, recently completed a charity trek to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro (5,985m), organised by her employer, Barclays Bank. She was accompanied by her two Classic Canes trekking poles and raised an impressive £4,520. Here, Lucy tells us more about her trip...

Royal stick users

Date Created: 1st November 2013

The royal families of many countries have contributed greatly to the importance of the walking stick as a symbol of power and style. Indeed, Louis XIV of France, forbade all his subjects bar the aristocracy to use walking sticks because he regarded them as a symbol of power. here we look at some of the most famous royal users of walking sticks, from ancient times to the modern day.

Tackle & Guns Show 2013 Review

Date Created: 18th October 2013

Classic Canes exhibited at the Tackle & Guns trade fair in October 2013, our eighth successive showing at this specialist trade fair...

Autumn Fair 2013 Review

Date Created: 8th September 2013

This year's Autumn Fair was a busy and positive trade fair for Classic Canes...

Christmas is coming

Date Created: 25th September 2013

The following article by our Managing Partner, Charlotte Gillan, was published in the September issue of the healthcare trade magazine, THIIS.

Tina Lacey celebrates 10 years at Classic Canes

Date Created: 19th July 2013

Tina Lacey celebrated 10 years at Classic Canes on 19th July 2013. Tina has worked in our despatch department since 2003, packing cartons of walking sticks for despatch worldwide.

Statues with walking sticks

Date Created: 17th May 2013

Walking sticks are a great way for a person to add gravitas to their appearance, hence their popularity with American presidents (see below). They also enable to sculptor to create long, elegant lines, to the benefit of their sculpture and the person it depicts. Here are a few that have causght our eye, but statues with canes can be found in almost every western city in the world.

NAIDEX 2013 Report

Date Created: 10th May 2013

We have recently exhibited at the NAIDEX trade fair for the healthcare industry, which is held annually at the NEC, Birmingham, UK. It was well supported by existing Classic Canes stockists. We were very pleased to see so many of you on our stand. Here is our report on this year's NAIDEX:

Signs of Spring

Date Created: 8th April 2013

One of the joys of working at Classic Canes is our close proximity to the trees, wild flowers, bird and animal life that make up an English woodland. We look out of our windows onto ash trees, coppiced for walking stick production. At this time of year they are alive with greater spotted woodpeckers, blue tits and tree creepers. The coppice system allows plenty of light to reach the woodland floor, so primroses are now in flower, with the wild garlic and bluebells forming alongside, ready to flower in early May.

Classic Canes walking sticks in London

Date Created: 14th March 2013

Without doubt, our capital city offers some of the greatest style and the best shopping to be found anywhere in the world, so it is only natural that there are some very interesting sellers of walking sticks in London. Below, for the benefit of visitors in search of Classic Canes walking sticks in London, we recommend some of the leading walking stick shops in central London. They are all exceptional shops in different ways. Many of them are Royal Warrant holders, and all boast illustrious clienteles from around the world.

Walking stick fashions - Spring 2013

Date Created: 27th February 2013

When Classic Canes was founded in 1982, fashions in walking sticks were almost non-existent. More than 40 years had elapsed since the start of the Second World War, which was effectively the end of the period when both gentlemen and ladies routinely used canes as fashion accessories. By the 1980s, much of the elegance and romance of walking sticks had been lost, and a woman in need of a cane usually had to make do with a chunky man's crook, cut down to a shorter height. Happily, three decades further on, we can confidently say that walking sticks are once more playing an important role as fashion accessories as well as mobility aids.

Spring Fair 2013 report

Date Created: 18th February 2013

February 2013 saw the 24th consecutive appearance of the Classic Canes walking stick stand at the International Spring Fair. This is one of the world's largest gift fairs, with over 3,000 companies exhibiting their wares at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England. Our stand was in the Accessories & Luggage area, which is a good location for us as so many walking stick buyers are also leather goods, travel goods and accessories buyers.

Top Drawer report

Date Created: 28th January 2013

January 2013 saw the Classic Canes box van trundling through the streets of London for our first showing of walking sticks at the Top Drawer trade fair. The fair has been established for some years, but as it clashes with the Giving & Living trade fair (formerly the Torquay Gift Fair), we have not been able to attend before. This year however, we thought we'd try this small London fair for gifts and interiors instead and so we took a very bijoux nine metre square stand with the intention of showing our new walking sticks to the London market and perhaps some export visitors too.

Care of your Classic Canes walking stick or seat stick

Date Created: 15th November 2012

Walking sticks and seat sticks are generally robust items suitable for active use. However, a little care and maintenance will improve the appearance of your walking stick or seat and may extend its working life. Some useful tips are as follows:

The Classic Canes Guide to Maximising Walking Stick Sales this Christmas

Date Created: 30th October 2012

Walking sticks are cheerful, useful products that make excellent Christmas gifts. However, both the selection and the display have to be good for sales to be maximised. This is our 30th Christmas as walking stick specialists, so here are some of the tips we have learned along the way.

Ash Dieback Disease

Date Created: 29th October 2012

Common Ash (fraxinus excelsior) is one of the most important woods used by Classic Canes for the production of walking sticks, so we are very concerned to learn that Ash Dieback disease has been found in Britain. Ash Dieback disease is caused by the chalara fraxinea fungus, which kills ash trees by stripping them of their leaves, from the top down. It is thought that ash trees form 30% of the British tree population, so the arrival of this disease has potentially disastrous consequences.

The appeal of wooden walking sticks

Date Created: 26th September 2012

Walking sticks are fascinating accessories that can be made from many materials, such as wood, whangee cane, aluminium and even glass. In recent years, there has been much enthusiasm among retailers and the public for height-adjustable aluminium walking sticks. However, there is now also a great resurgence of interest in fine quality wooden walking sticks, because they benefit the user in so many ways:

Tribute to Anna Piaggi, cane user extraordinaire

Date Created: 10th August 2012

At Classic Canes, we are sad to learn that the Italian grande dame of fashion and cane user extraordinaire has died at the age of 81. Anna was a journalist and stylist for Vogue Italia, and was famed for her flamboyant and entertaining dress sense, claiming never to have worn the same outfit in public twice.

Somerset style

Date Created: 18th July 2012

At Classic Canes, our location deep in the beautiful county of Somerset is a large part of our identity, and often a source of fascination to our customers. Our offices, warehouse and workshops are hidden away at the end of a long drive through our broadleaved woodlands. Somerset is a county with a very distinctive style, which greatly inspires unusual, specialist companies and brands, among them Classic Canes.

The Classic Canes Guide to Walking Sticks for Royal Ascot

Date Created: 19th June 2012

Much has been written about the revised dress code for Royal Ascot. The famous racecourse has found it necessary to issue what it politely calls the Royal Enclosure Style Guide. This provides excellent guidance as to appropriate skirt length, bans fascinators and cravats and ensures ladies and gentlemen wear proper hats. What it omits is to help people with their walking stick choices, so here is the Classic Canes' Guide to Walking Sticks for Royal Ascot:

Classic Canes 30th anniversary Open Days 2012

Date Created: 28th May 2012

May 2012 saw a landmark moment in the history of Classic Canes; we celebrated our 30th year in business with two open days for our Trade Customers.

Queen's Jubilee Walking Sticks

Date Created: 19th April 2012

As the magnificent occasion of HM Queen Elizabeth II's 60th anniversary Jubilee approaches, and as celebratory events are planned across the Commonwealth, naturally our thoughts turn to the very important question of which walking stick to use for the Jubilee?

Classic Canes at the Spring Fair - 2012 report

Date Created: 1st March 2012

One of the largest events in our year at Classic Canes is the International Spring Fair, held each February at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham, England. It is the largest trade fair in the UK, and one of the largest in the world, covering almost all the halls at the NEC. 2012 marked our 23rd consecutive year of attendance and, as always, proved an unmissable and interesting occasion.

The appeal of blackthorn walking sticks

Date Created: 28th November 2011

Blackthorn walking sticks are among the most sought after of all traditional walking sticks, both for their appearance and for their heritage. The blackthorn, or Prunus spinosa, is a shrubby bush with vicious thorns and a suckering habit, so that it forms dense hedges through which livestock cannot escape. It grows particularly well in Ireland and England, where blackthorn sticks cut from hedges have been popular for many centuries.

The Classic Canes Gentleman's Guide to Choosing a Walking Stick

Date Created: 11th November 2011

For the gentleman in need of a walking stick, it is very important to choose a cane that is appropriate to his needs and the occasion, adds to rather than detracts from his appearance, and fits his personal sense of style. Such a stick will become a much loved companion.

Classic Canes' Display Tips for Walking Stick Retailers

Date Created: 2nd November 2011

Good display is probably the single most important factor that contributes to successful retail sales of walking sticks. Please click on 'Continued' to learn the basics, or contact us to discuss the specifics of creating an effective display in your own shop.

The Classic Canes Lady's Guide to Choosing a Walking Stick

Date Created: 31st October 2011

Choosing the right walking stick is very important. A lady's walking stick should be fashionable and elegant. Not only must it offer appropriate support for your requirements, it must also suit your personality and your wardrobe. A walking stick is as much a fashion accessory as it is a mobility aid, and the choice of walking stick can reveal a great deal about its user.

Walking sticks at the Goodwood Revival

Date Created: 27th September 2011

Much of the charm and elegance of walking sticks derives from their history as fashionable accessories. The recent Goodwood Revival at the Goodwood motor racing circuit in Sussex, where spectators dress in vintage fashions, was therefore a wonderful opportunity to see walking sticks, shooting sticks and umbrellas used en masse.

A new catalogue for Classic Canes - the background story

Date Created: 31st August 2011

We are delighted to have launched our new catalogue, which contains over 70 new models of walking sticks, folding canes, seat sticks and umbrellas. Copies are winging their way to all our stockists in the UK and in more than 40 other countries, so walking stick fashions are about to be updated all around the world.

The Classic Canes Guide to Walking Stick Handles

Date Created: 30th August 2011

Many people, especially first-time walking stick users, are unsure which type of walking stick handle will best suit their requirements. The main styles and their benefits are as follows: